A Poem on Cleanliness of thought

Cleanliness, purity of mind, thought and heart,

will surely make you a sweetheart.

Meditation and yoga are the way to go,

the benefits of it you will surely know.

Clear all bad thoughts, you will reach the skies,

you have only one life, so be wise.


Having a peaceful mind,

will keep you good and kind.

Good thoughts will go a long way,

making your’s and other’s a fabulous day.


Keep praying for me and you,

a beautiful life awaits you.

Always forgive others and,

keep your heart free from chaos.

Listen to me when I say,

cleanliness of mind, thought and heart are here to stay.



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Author: Tejaswi Benjamin

I am a thinker and writer. I love writing on any topic, so chose to pursue a career as a Content Writer. I am a mother too, which makes me a deep thinker. I am an optimist who is always looking to connect to positive people.

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