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Finally got around to write another post of this blog with a little more wiser on how to handle my kids!!

Well how many times do you feel that your kids simply ignore what you say? Whether it be calling out your kids to come have dinner or stop playing games on your smartphone or to adhere to study time and ….the list can go on!! I have noticed that since becoming a mother, I have been on a roller coaster ride…..be it emotional or physical. Both my daughters have different personalities and different age groups, so I have to handle them differently and that is a challenge. Now I really appreciate the way my parents brought me and my brother up putting up with our tantrums and demands.

Let’s take a peek into my top 10 rules of parenting I find work for me:
1. Stop copying other parents: It is of course excellent to connect with other parents, including your own and share each other’s experiences but apply their advises only which you feel are effective and essential to build a strong bond between you and your child.
2. Say NO when other parents want to boss around your child: It is sometimes nice to have a helping hand from other parents minding your child, but not all the time. Your kids could eventually build an emotional wall against others and you if he or she feels threatened.
3. Be strict with your kids when they are wrong: It is important to be strict with your child when they are wrong and let them understand that it is not acceptable if they continue to do that.
4. Don’t tell kids off in front of others: It is nice to be strict, but if you scold them in front of outsiders, they may become introverts. Why don’t you take them immediately to a corner and talk to them about it? that way they won’t feel humiliated and also learn to be more aware of their surroundings. It also shows that you trust them and make them confident individuals.
5. Create a healthy schedule for your kids: Hectic schedules at school, study time and playtime can be stressful for kids during school days. I found that a 1 hour nap time after coming home from school re-energizes kids for homework and playtime.
6. Share your deepest fears, thrills or dreams with them: Sharing your deepest fears with them breaks the ice between you and your kids, whether it be telling them how much you want to try bungee jumping or how much you are scared of lizards or how much you love travelling to new places etc. The simplicity of sharing your feelings with your kids shows them that you are ready to listen to their fears, desires and dreams too.
7. Reduce screen time: I know many parents these days are more aware of kids using mobiles or tablets for playing games or watching videos for hours and hours together making them addicted to technology at a young age. Kids don’t know what is right or wrong for them, the responsibility lies with us as parents to mould our young.
8. Inculcate reading habit: Whenever I used to travel on holidays with kids, I used to keep their tablets in their hang carry luggage so that they are busy playing games in it. But that only made them engrossed in themselves and respond less. Off lately, since 3 years to be precise, my elder one has discovered she loves reading books namely Archies comics, Geronimo Stilton, Thea Stilton, Goosebumps etc.  which I must say is a big relief, even my younger one is enjoying reading children’s story books especially when we go travelling. It is a blessing if your kids choose reading a book over playing tablet games.
9. Encourage pretend play: Pretend play is an excellent way to help bring out your child’s creative side out. My kids enjoy pretend play, I prefer it better than giving them a tablet or smartphone in their hand. Through pretend play they bring out their positive and negative feelings, use new or difficult vocabulary, show soft and social skills, make up stories with a fairly good narration and overall you are in treat for a good dramatics show where you and your kids not only have a strong story line but also are good at directing, singing, dialogue delivery, fashion conscious and acting. Surprise them by becoming their audience, they love attention and be generous in giving them attention, it goes a long way.
10. Speak your heart out before going to bed: The best time to speak to your kids is before bedtime, they are relaxed and share the most pressing issues or weirdest things they have experienced throughout the day. Listen to them, you will be surprised to know their point of view and how you could help them in times of trouble.
11. Pray with your kids: It can be difficult to pray for long hours every day with hectic schedules but praying with kids for a couple of minutes at the start of the day and before going to bed gives kids a sense of security and let’s them know that praying plays an important part in our lives and teach them to use prayer as a shield in difficult situations.

I hope that the above tips are helpful to you.

Please share this post if you think someone else could benefit from it….also do let me know if any of the above tips worked for you….I am also all ears for more tips or comments.

Happy Parenting!!!!

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