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It is 3.35 a.m. in Dubai and a thought is bugging and keeping me up. Before I prepared to go to bed, I was reading this trending news about how someone started to tweet ‘I say, they hear’ phrase and people became fascinated by this. So, it crossed my mind, why not use this trending news to turn everyone’s heads and pockets to the phrase ‘I say donate, they hear Bring a Smile’.

On that note, I would like to talk about a good friend of mine, Archana Suresh, her group of friends and many more who joined the brigade, who have done a very noble act of starting an initiative ‘Bring a Smile’. Kudos to them. They bring a smile to underprivileged children, people who sleep on footpaths etc. and help the community in general with whatever they require. They are dedicated to serve the community. I am very proud to say I am Archana’s friend and urge all those who know me to please donate for Bring a Smile and get in touch with them and also look for places where your money is really needed and contribute in your own little way.

I have a confession to make, I couldn’t sleep till I wrote what was on my mind and burdened my heart. We become so selfish and self-centered that we forget that God has given every blessing we can’t even imagine of, a loving family, a great job, a beautiful home, caring friends, all the comforts of this world, ability to buy whatever and travel wherever and whenever we can.

But then what use is all this power and these privileges if we cannot share a tiny part of it with those who really really need it. Do we think about others? Especially children who are orphans, children who are underprivileged, children who go hungry everyday, children who rely on donations.

In general we have been so long engrossed in trivial self-questions like should I buy my kids those skates they have been asking for? when is the next shopping spree we need to go on? which is the new restaurant we want to try? What am I going to wear on my next birthday? We are selfish and only think about ourselves. We sometimes do donate once in a while, but ask yourself it is enough?

It is time we donate money or time or things in kind every month in our own little way. Let each and everyone reading this blog pledge too to donate every month, anyway we can and teach our children to donate by leading an example. Donating only during festivals is a wrong fad, lets donate every month.

In church we give 1/10th or tithe from our salary every month. Wouldn’t it be great if we give an additional 1/10th to a genuine orphanage or NGO?

It was not surprising to see that the keywords orphanages near me are just 4300 searches a month, whereas ‘pubs near me’ showed a whooping 823,000 searches. This is the state of our society. Why not change this, start your search on the above keywords on your desktop or mobile and let Google do the rest of the SEO magic.

Let’s rekindle the power of giving and see the magic work in the lives of those who need our help. Don’t just say and hear, it’s time to take action and empower the disadvantaged.

So, ‘I say donate, they say Bring a Smile’ 🙂


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