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My 9 year old daughter is already showing tantrums like a teen and my 5 year old already is way smarter than me when I was 5! Aren’t you dumbstruck when your kids ask you questions which I think you knew the answer for when you were in senior school or college?

Well I think it is pretty obvious that they are exposed to all sorts of information at a very young age and we as parents including me are at fault to a great extent. I think we are educating them about stuff before they reach the ideal age to know about it. Though I do agree some of the information kids receive through television or movies etc. can be useful but many times it can be harmful. Kids opening social media accounts without the knowledge of their parents is utterly dangerous, instead if parents monitor their social activity it is better.

Like a popular Polish saying goes “You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once”. So give your children your time, play with them and spend time talking about your childhood. Stay away from gadgets yourself so that your kids learn and practice the same. Remind yourself of what you used to do their age and encourage your kids to do something similar, like reading a book or playing outdoor games, take them on a tour of the city you live in, take them to a zoo, or maybe a museum, cook with them like my friend Sheetal does …..Kids love spending time with you, so do just that ….

Their childhood is theirs so make the most of it so that when they grow up they have thousands of stories to tell each other and their kids. Don’t trap them in a tablet or television or social media …. let them breathe !!!!

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