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Kids below the age of 5 fall sick often with cold and cough or viral because their body is still building immunity.

Make sure you get their vaccinations done according to their health chart, teach them to follow hygiene especially when your not around like in school and chart a balanced and healthy diet.

Daily Balanced and Healthy Diet can comprise of ->

Morning Breakfast:

  • Milk – Make milkshakes, yogurt, cheese, oats porridge
  • Eggs – Try Omelette if they don’t like Poached

Pre-lunch / School Tiffin:

  • Vegetables – Capsicum, Beetroot, Carrot (Grate and make a paratha out of it)

Lunch / School Tiffin:

  • Chicken/Lamb meat – for those who are vegetarians try incorporating Tofu or Soya nuggets
  • Vegetable curry with chapati or rice

Evening Snack:

  • Pop corns (are healthy if given in moderate amount), Parle G biscuit, Rice cracker bhel, healthy mini sandwich, fruits (alternate apple and banana), noodles with veggies, pasta with veggies, veg or chicken soups
  • Nuts – Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Pistachios (make a powder of these and mix it in their milk if your kids don’t like to eat them whole


  • Incorporate salads like cucumber + carrots + Lettuce or cabbage + apple + pomegranate, dribble some olive oil to give it a meditteranian twist.
  • Vegetable curry with chapati or rice
  • Pulses – Moong and Toor are loved by kids

Rice, Chapati and bread can be given in either of the meals

Try this balanced diet religiously for 2 weeks and do give me a feedback. I am sure you will see the difference.

Happy Parenting !!!!

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