How are your kids coping with COVID?

COVID-19 has shaken up the world. Our daily routine has seen a tremendous change, especially parenting. When lockdown started, people really enjoyed staying home and spending time with family and kids. It is important to maintain a calm environment at home during this time, yet it is a challenge raising children in confinement. Positive parenting is what you need to do.

Kids miss their school, they miss interactions with their teachers and friends and the usual school routine. Though online classes have started, kids do not feel the same like they would in their school. They do have school work and assignments, still they lack positive discipline and commitment.

We may try to keep the same routine they used to have earlier, but there is still so much they are missing out on. Everything is virtual now. We had planned to go on a holiday, but then COVID happened. So, kids are viewing that part of the world on their laptops!!!

Parenting after COVID is more challenging than before. So, here are a few parenting tips that worked for me to make the lives of my kids easy:

  • Try to maintain their school routine. That way you can pack up their schedule with lots of fun stuff to do.
  • Make sure they are regular with their school work, assignments, projects or online tests.
  • Talk to your kids about the situation outside. They need to be aware about what’s going on outside. Assure them that they are safe at home and that you are doing everything to keep them protected. Also tell them about washing their hands frequently especially if they touched the gates or anything which could be contaminated. Tell them why it is important to wear a mask especially when you go out for quick grocery shopping. Kids learn quickly and are observant, so have faith in them.
  • A little bit of entertainment is great for kids. I have found Amazon Prime to be budget-friendly, yet extremely helpful in keeping my kids entertained. They especially loved Amazon Originals for kids and some awesome Prime Video series for kids like Gortimer Gibbons: Life On Normal Street, Just Add Magic, Wishenpoof, The Kicks, The American Girl Story – Maryellen 1955, Kunfu Panda: The Paws of Destiny, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters and more.
  • Keep an eye on the time they spend in front of the mobile or TV screens or laptops for studies or entertainment. I have synced our laptops so that I can control the screen times and monitor the sites they visit.
  • I have seen their creative side, my elder one is more into arts and crafts and so I encouraged her to create her own YouTube Channel. My younger one loves playing the piano, dancing and listening to her favorite artists like Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Demi Lavato on Amazon Music.
  • Take some time out to play with them for half an hour or so. Board games or an outdoor sport like badminton or football. Find some awesome outdoor games.
  • Let them speak to their friends over the phone whenever they can. Any interaction with friends will give them a sense of normal.
  • Praying together is also essential to give kids a sense of protection. Our church Sunday School where I am a teacher too, where the superintendent and I conduct Visual classes every Sunday. We have found that kids love the 1 hour session of praise and worship on Google Meet.
  • Discipline at home is very important, so that when they go back to school and their normal routine, they can easily adapt.
  • Books are kids best friends. I cannot stress enough the importance of reading books apart from the school books. Amazon Audible has been a very helpful tool to keep my kids interested in story books, without an overflowing bookshelf.
  • Going out to the park is not possible, hence making sure kids enjoy every bit of nature is important. Encourage them to help you in the garden or just plant a lemon seed or any flower seeds in a small pot if you don’t have a big garden. Kids will cherish the gardening time.

To be honest, parenting was never this fun!! I love spending time with kids is something I truly cherish and I am impressed the way they have adapted to the new normal, staying home.

I would love to know how your kids are coping during COVID!!!

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Author: Tejaswi Benjamin

I am a thinker and writer. I love writing on any topic, so chose to pursue a career as a Content Writer. I am a mother too, which makes me a deep thinker. I am an optimist who is always looking to connect to positive people.

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