Teach your kids soft skills for life

Your kids have been learning to speak, write and communicate with other kids at school. This social skill is as much as important as learning some key soft skills which you as a parent can teach. In this blog I have tried to include the most important of soft skills for kids:

  1. Self motivation: Every kid needs a constant motivation, a push to achieve some goal or the other. Whether it be motivation to study hard or in keeping their room clean or doing well at sports. Without motivation, they lack direction. Your aim should be to make your child become self motivated. Self-motivation is a life long skill your kid will thank you for teaching him or her. Why is self motivation important? If you do not teach self motivation, your kid will learn procrastination. It is also important because you won’t be around to motivate every time your kid has goals to achieve. They need to learn to start and complete a task on their own.

2. Self-reliant: Being self-reliant is another soft skill we hardly think of teaching our children. Efficiently using all the resources they are given is a skill one needs. Your kid must be able to rely on their own skills, knowledge and intelligence to complete tasks. Importance of self-reliance also teaches your child to appreciate what they already have and not look at others.

3. Self-discipline: Self-discipline is a virtue. It is what will keep your child focused on any work they do and do it with conviction, honesty and dedication.

4. Empathy: Kids need to learn to have empathy towards others. Whether it is a cleaner at home, the postman getting your post, the people who collect garbage from your home, servers at restaurants they come across, etc. These people deserve respect and compassion.

5. Assertiveness: Having an assertive communication skill is something very important, it shows that your kid is confident to do any work given. It shows that your kid cannot be taken for a ride.

6. Anger Management: It is natural to see kids angry sometimes if they do not get what they want. But if it has become a pattern then it is a problem. You may need to address their anger immediately. Kids go through a lot of stress from studies, peer pressure etc. So, it is very important that you provide emotional support to your child and provide a positive way to channelize the anger. I found Anger Management games for kids have been very helpful to lower temper problems in my kids.

Enroll your child in music or dance classes or arts and crafts or any physical activities like karate, football, tennis etc. Another way is to ask your child to write down all the things that make them angry and then ask them to also write down what they would want to do. Maybe they can write down a poem or a song or a story. You may be surprised to know that your kid is a great lyricist or novelist or a poet !!!! Another helpful resource is a Kindle Edition of Teaching Children Self Discipline: At Home and At School 

Motivational quotes and positive quotes also encourage kids, so having motivational banners or stickers in their room is a good move. This helps your kid to eventually develop a motivational thought process which makes them confident individuals.

So, are you ready to help your kid fill in the gaps to equip your child for their future life?

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Author: Tejaswi Benjamin

I am a thinker and writer. I love writing on any topic, so chose to pursue a career as a Content Writer. I am a mother too, which makes me a deep thinker. I am an optimist who is always looking to connect to positive people.

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