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Positive Social Influence can build emotional intelligence in your kids

Positive Social Influence is the key to raise affectionate and loving children. When my elder daughter was 2 years old, she watched her favorite cartoon show Doraemon. This continued up until she was 6 years old. Soon my younger daughter was hooked up to the cartoon show. It was a nightmare for me.

Why? Because the cartoon show left a negative effect on them. I noticed that both had behavioral problems that were not good for their personality development. They were disobedient, bitter, lacked interest in studies, cried a lot for silly things, and emulated the character of Nobita (not Doraemon).

What did I do?

So, finally, I put an end to the show. It was a miracle to see that their behavior drastically improved in a span of 2-3 months. It was a win-win situation and a pleasant relief for me!!! Thus, positive social influence can indeed affect your child’s development.

According to a study by researchers of Vanderbilt University, children can be very involved in everything that goes around them. Even parents or siblings fighting or arguing can affect their development.

Hence, I can say that at every stage of a child’s development, he or she needs a good role model. A role model can influence the child in a positive way.

I remember now while growing up, my mother was particular about the TV shows I watched and my friend’s circle. In the same way, as your kids grow up, please scan their social circle for positive social influence.

To start with, you could introduce them to real-life role models. This will bring a positive change in your child’s behavior and in their relationships.

Here are 5 role models who can have a positive social influence on your kids:

  1. Parents – Make sure, you as parents are the best role models for your child. You don’t have to pretend to be happy around them all the time. But when you are upset or if you are struggling with emotions, sharing your fears and feelings with them shows that they need to do the same. Show them that you can overcome your fears, and this will teach your child resilience.
  2. Role Models from the Bible – The Bible has some really brave and simplest of people who can be role models to your child. They were their strongest when you least expect it. A few characters I talk about to my kids are Jesus, Esther, Mary Magdalene, Samuel, and many more, who inspire me too.
  3. Jamie Brewer – She is a successful American actress who is the first woman with Down Syndrome to walk the red carpet in New York Fashion Week in 2015.
  4. Naomi Osaka – The Japanese Tennis Player was recently (June 2021) in news for not giving in to pressure by skipping the press conference at Wimbledon.
  5. BTS – Well this K-pop group has been a rave with my elder daughter (12 years) and she has researched the members quite well. Their members have been open about sensitive topics like mental health, discrimination, homophobia, and masculinity that are toxic.

Another good read from my blog – Raising Confident Girls

3 books that can help your kids steer through relationships and society:

  1. Youth Development and Neighborhood Influences.
  2. Handbook for Child Psychology, Social, Emotional and Personality Development.
  3. Building Emotional Intelligence.

Therefore, your ability to handle difficult situations may vary. Share your feelings and relate with their pain or fear, this helps them to cope with difficult situations.

In conclusion, if you have come across ways to help in building positive social influence for your kids, I would love to know. Please feel free to leave your comments or feedback. It encourages me to write.

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Author: Tejaswi Benjamin

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