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Gen Z kids are those born between 1997 – 2012. So, you are looking at kids in the age group of 9 years till 24 years. Since I am writing for the younger lot, so this article is relevant to kids between the age group of 9 years till 18 years. There is no age limit as to when you can actually delegate chores for kids. The younger, the better.

Chore Chart for kids and parents
Chore Chart for Kids and Parents

So, to make things easier on the kiddos, I have separated them according to age groups.

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Chores for kids aged 9 – 12 years:

Very often when kids are between the age group of 9-12 years, they may slowly confine themselves. This is a very common trend I see these days, especially post-COVID. There are so many friends who have complained about having difficulty connecting with their kids, especially teens.

Without further ado, let’s check out 5 chores for kids that connect them with your family.

Daily Laundry:

It is pretty hard for a mom or dad to do everything on their own. This age group is the best to teach your kids to help out in the daily laundry. If you have more than 2 kids that fall in this age group, then distribute their chores. When you have a Rota system, the kids will know whose turn is on that day. Laundry jobs give kids the sense of putting clothes to wash daily. Also, getting them dried every day. This is a very good habit which kids will follow throughout their life. So, you will bid adieu to smelly clothes in their room forever.

Folding clean clothes:

Very often moms are left with a huge pile of clean clothes to be folded. This is one job that your kids can do easily. Everyone folds their own clothes and arranges them in their wardrobe. This activity also helps your kids to take responsibility for their own stuff.


Decluttering your kid’s wardrobes and rooms every 2-3 months is essential. This ritual must be followed with the utmost care since you will teach them the importance of a clutter-free room. When you declutter, you also teach your kids that every room has a positive vibe and it is their duty to keep it like that. A decluttered room also makes them happy. They will also learn to keep every item in the right place.

Dusting rooms:

Like decluttering, keeping their rooms dust-free is very important for your kids. So, let your kids clean their own room. Cleaning their desk and chair, electronics, etc, is important.

Watering the plants is one of the best chores for kids:

Plants are as much a part of your home as your kids. They need to be cared for and nurtured every day. Teach your kids to water the plants every day and prune them. They can learn another important task of changing the soil and getting rid of dead leaves. This will take them through the plant’s journey of growing up. You could even encourage them to start a garden of their own!! Your kids will learn to take care of plants or a garden. They will know to connect with nature. You will be surprised if they take gardening as a new hobby.

Laying and cleaning the Table:

Laying and cleaning the table before and after meals is an important task too. Your kids will learn the art of hosting parties as well. Involve your kids in every little detail. From choosing a table cloth to arranging the dishes to placing the napkins. Your kids will enjoy every bit of it.

Chores for kids aged 13-18 years:

I remember my teen years, and yes I can relate to the teens now. However, COVID has made the generation gap worse. Kids are finding it difficult to make friends, or maintain friendships. The hormonal changes aren’t helping them either. To counter this self-isolation by kids, parents need to provide them with support all the way. You can start with including kids in the family day to day activities.

Taking care of their own room and laundry, taking care of the garden, etc. is great. Yet kids in this age group can do many other chores to help their family.

Take a look at chores mentioned below:

Arrange kitchen utensils:

Most people think that kitchen is considered a woman’s zone. However, many men take a lot of interest in it. Why? Because their mothers involved them in the kitchen. Cooking food is one aspect, however, cleaning and arranging utensils is another important part. So, teach your kids to arrange clean kitchen utensils inside the cupboards.

Cooking skills:

Ok, I am not talking about Masterchef skills here!! Yet, a few cooking skills can go a long way. Especially, when your kids leave home for higher studies in a few years. They can learn to make healthy salads, healthy fruit juices, cook rice, dal, cut veggies, make sandwiches, and more. The more they know, the better they are equipped.

Shop for the family is one of the best chores for kids:

In India, we are so used to going on the fly to buy stuff from the nearest grocery shop. But, these days kids do not want to step out of their rooms. They are becoming introverts. This trend needs to break. So, send out your kids to buy simple stuff like bread, butter, fruits, vegetables, stationary, etc. This also helps them to observe many things like the expiry date, the price, and brands. You also help them to interact with different people, like the shop owner and other shoppers. This will help them to become extroverts. They learn to build self-confidence and in turn, you make them independent.

Take care of Elderly:

If you are lucky to have elders or senior citizens living with you. Then kids can actually learn hands-on skills and knowledge to take care of their elders. I have learned from my experience that taking care of your elders is a true blessing.

Involve your kids in your day-to-day activities. Of course, kids have their own friends. But when you let them take responsibility for something bigger than them, it is great.

Therefore, when you go out shopping for home stuff, take your kids along. Ask them about their choices. What decorations or dining items do they like? The paint color choice for their room. Or which Christmas decorations would they love. You will be surprised to know your kids have a better sense of aesthetics!! This way you are also helping your kids to be involved in family activities. Help your kids to explore things on their own, do not dominate their choices. You can let them make mistakes and let them learn from their mistakes.

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