Improve your child’s mental health with 6 awesome parenting tips

Tejaswi Benjamin/ July 7, 2020/ Parenting rules/ 0 comments

COVID-19 has shaken up the world, and also our children’s mental wellbeing. Our daily routine has seen a tremendous change, especially parents. When lockdown started, people really enjoyed staying home and spending time with family and kids. It is important to maintain a calm environment at home during this time, yet it is a challenge raising children in confinement. Then

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10 Rules Of Parenting That Work

Tejaswi Benjamin/ May 15, 2019/ Parenting rules/ 0 comments

Finally got around to write another post of this blog with a little more wiser on how to handle my kids!! Well how many times do you feel that your kids simply ignore what you say? Whether it be calling out your kids to come have dinner or stop playing games on your smartphone or to adhere to study time

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